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Attractions Across Virginia

Top Hampton Roads Tourist Attractions

Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach
Virginia is filled with magnificent attractions, and the Hampton Roads area is no exception.

Hampton Roads offers a variety of sites and activities for guests of all ages. The area has places that played significant roles in history. While the attractions are countless, visitors may be limited on time.

Virginia Beach – One of the most popular beaches on the east coast of the U.S. draws vacationers from around the country and around the world, in part because of its easy access to numerous attractions in the region.

Colonial Williamsburg - Step back in time and stroll the streets of a city that lets tourists experience the struggles of living during the American Revolution. Whether visitors want to talk with the living history reenactors, go on guided tours of the 18th century buildings, visit the three museums, take in a theatrical production, unwind at the spa or play a round of golf, they will definitely stay busy with a visit to Colonial Williamsburg.

Regardless of visitor interests, Hampton Roads has many places that will keep them busy. Whether they are looking to learn more about history, the environment, play a round of golf, enjoy the coastal life or just stroll the streets and go shopping, theywill definitely enjoy your stay in the area.

The second largest amusement park in Virginia and one of the most visited sites in the state, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has plenty of rides, entertainment and fun for all ages.

Historic Jamestowne - No visit to the Hampton Roads area is complete without a visit to the birthplace of what we know as English-speaking America. A visit to the town enables visitors to walk in the footsteps of Captain John Smith, Pocahontas and those who settled in England's first permanent colony in North America in 1607. John Rolfe and Pocahontas were married in this town in 1614, and America's first representative assembly met here in 1619.

Virginia Aquarium - For anyone who is up for adventure and excitement plus a learning experience all rolled into one, a trip to the Virginia Aquarium is a perfect stop on their next Virginia getaway.

Virginia Air & Space Museum - Located in Hampton, which is the birthplace of space program for the U.S. and serving as the official visitor center for NASA Langley Research Center, this museum allows visitors to let their imagination soar. Whether they are launching a rocket or serving as pilot of a space shuttle, they can imagine what is like to work with a space program. The display includes the Apollo 12 Command Capsule that made a moon landing plus a moon rock and a Mars meteorite.

Yorktown Victory Center - This is a museum that reflects the significance of the American Revolution and gives intricate details of America's struggle for independence. Exhibits chronicle significant aspects of the nation's history, including the Battle of Yorktown in 1781, and the Declaration of Independence Gallery that has a display featuring a rare early broadside printing of the Declaration of Independence that dates to July 1776.

Colonial National Historical Park - This park includes some of the most significant sites in the history of English North America. The park includes the first permanent English settlement in North America, Jamestown, and Green Spring, the 17th century plantation home of Virginia's colonial governor, Sir William Berkeley. It also includes Cape Henry Memorial, which is approximate landing site of the first landing of the Jamestown colonists in April 1607. The park also includes Yorktown Battlefield, the site of the final major of the Civil War. The sites are connected by some 23 miles of scenic travel on Colonial Parkway.

James River Plantations - Civil War history buffs may enjoy this self-guided tour of gardens and grounds of four historic landmark plantations along the Virginia Route 5 Scenic Byway from Williamsburg to Richmond. One ticket, known as the Civil War Trace Ticket, includes admission to the grounds of Westover-1730, Piney Grove-1790, North Bend-1819, and Edgewood-1847. There are also five historic markers along the route, including those that mark the spots of Fort Pocahontas, Grant's Crossing of the James River, and Charles City Courthouse. For additional fee, guests can arrange tours of the plantation homes.

Cape Henry Lighthouses - Being a coastal area, Hampton Roads is home to the Cape Henry Lighthouses. The Old Cape Henry Lighthouse was constructed back in 1792. After it began cracking in 1870, it was replaced with a new lighthouse that is located only 357 feet away. A road will enable guests to travel between the two lighthouses.

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum - Since 1949, this museum has detailed naval history and displayed memorabilia from a centuries old port located in the South. Originally located in the oldest shipyard in the nation, it is now located on the Portsmouth waterfront on the Elizabeth River.

Mount Trashmore Park - This park stands out from the rest, making a difference in the environment. A world-renowned park, it consists of 165 acres with a focal point that stands more than 60 feet tall and 800 feet long. It was created by compacting layuers of solid waste with clean soil. One popular area of the park is the Water Wise garden. The area includes picnic shelters, playgrounds, vending machines, restroom facilities, volleyball courts and a skateboarding park.

Old Coast Guard Station - Built in 1903 then decommissioned in 1969, this is a former U.S. Life Saving and Coast Guard Station located in Virginia Beach. With two separate galleries that depict the hsitory of the life-saving services of the Coast Guard, shipwrecks that have occurred off the Virginia Coast, and other exhibits, it details significant events in coastal history.

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