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Luray Caverns Visitor Guide

Dream Lake, Luray Caverns
Dream Lake has an eery reflecting quality. © 2018 by Scott Bateman
Luray Caverns attracts half a million visitors annually, making it the most popular cave system in the eastern United States.

Discovered in 1878, the caverns were designated a Registered Natural Landmark by the National Park Service and the Department of Interior. It is one of the most interesting natural attractions in Virginia.

Visitors can see the caves via one-hour guided tours on lighted and paved walkways through cathedral-sized rooms with ceilings up to 10 stories high.

Large chambers are filled with towering columns, shimmering draperies and crystal-clear pools.

The Great Stalacpipe Organ creates sounds from the surrounding stalactite formations that cover more than three acres.

Other features include:

Titania's Veil, a shimmering white formation of pure calcite, the result of spreading crystalline deposits.

Giant's Hall, with enormous chambers filled with towering stone columns, shimmering draperies and crystal-clear pools.

Pluto's Chasm, which is more than 500 feet long and 70 to 90 feet in depth.

Dream Lake, the largest body of water in the caverns. The lake is not deep, but it is highly reflecting in a way that creates and eerie display.

Saracen's Tent, with translucent sheets that appear to have been parted, tent-like, for an entranceway.

Totem Poles is area of the caverns that contains a large number of formations in many shapes and colors. The cluster together is said to resemble totem poles. The poles show how water and growth patterns can create shapes that seem to defy gravity.

The Great Stalacpipe Organ is an electrically actuated lithophone that produces “music” from the tapping of mallets on nearby stalactites.

Visitors will find the paths and walkways throughout the caverns require only a moderate level of fitness. Informative guides stop the tour groups periodically to explain some of the most important features in the caverns. Lighting makes it possible for visitors to take plenty of photos.

Hours and Location

Hours: Luray Caverns is open every day of the year. Tours begin at 9 a.m. and depart about every 20 minutes.
Location: Luray
Address: 970 U.S. Hwy. 211 West, 22835
Telephone: (540) 743-6551
Web site:
Cost: Adults $24. Children ages 6-12 $12. Children ages 5 and under free when accompanied by parent or guardian. Senior citizens ages 62+ $21.
Latitude: 38.663838
Longitude: -78.48388
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