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Natural Tunnel State Park

If you want all the outdoor fun of a state park along, with some wonderful modern amenities, then Natural Tunnel State Park is a perfect choice. Natural Tunnel State Park, located in Scott County about 13 miles from Gate City, boasts nearly 1,000 acres of trails, camping sites and beautiful cabins. (more…)

Poplar Forest

Jefferson’s Poplar Forest Retreat

Monticello might get its fair share of visitor action up in Charlottesville. But just down the road lies Poplar Forest, the retreat home of none other than Virginia’s favorite son, Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and the country’s third President, was looking for privacy, solitude, and renewal in this location. He sought to have his own Roman rural villa in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. (more…)

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Montpelier mansion

James Madison’s Montpelier Estate

James Madison, father of the U.S. Constitution, maintained a lifelong home at Montpelier that is open to the public and displays a recent $25 million restoration.

The centerpiece of the estate is the mansion. But visitors also can see exhibits, gardens, archaeological sites, forest trails, a freed slave’s cabin and farm, demonstrations and other activities. (more…)

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False Cape state park

False Cape State Park Visitor Tips

False Cape State  is a rustic park that offers many choices for those who love outdoor activities.

The park also has a rich history and offers a strong educational program. These two features help False Cape State Park to stand out. (more…)

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Wilderness Road State Park

Wilderness Road State Park

In 1775, Daniel Boone followed a buffalo trail and created a route that would become known as Wilderness Road.

Today, a state park in southwestern Virginia of the same name runs alongside Boone’s route and provides a glimpse into the past. Visitors can trace the historic trail as they enjoy hiking, cycling and other activities. (more…)

Maymont pergola

Maymont Park and Estate Visitor Tips

Maymont park in Richmond is a unique blend of mansion, gardens, farm, zoo, nature center, history, events, waterfall and rolling green hills. Even better, the grounds and most of the exhibits are free.

This 100-acre Victorian country estate resides in the middle of a Richmond neighborhood that has grown up around it over the last century. (more…)

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Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Tips

The Blue Ridge Parkway provides natural beauty, history and the opportunity for adventure for tens of thousands of visitors every year.

The parkway is a must-see for all ages. It is a slow-paced drive that enables visitors to see amazing vistas, rugged mountains, pastoral landscapes and unimaginable natural beauty that can only be found in the highlands of Appalachia. (more…)

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